About Lissa

I just wanted to sit down and let you know about myself and the experiences that I have had that led me to becoming a Professional Organizer.

I started this business to be truly happy what I was doing. I have always had a passion for organization. I never realized how deep that passion went until my husband went on deployment in 2017. I was suddenly working all the time, and I had a (then) two-year-old that needed me to be my best. There were some rocky points. I will not pretend that this transition was sunshine and roses. We made it through, though. My husband returned in January of 2018 and my true passion for organizing started to take over. I always had a project in mind. I always had something more that I wanted to organize around the house. (I live in a combined household, so sometimes this was not as easy as others.)

I was forcing myself to love a job that was not for me. I wanted to have a “career” so badly that I was willing to settle for what I thought was the job that I wanted. After leaving my last job, I realized that I should start my own business. I knew that to truly be passionate about what I was doing, I needed to go in a completely different direction. I was looking to do more and I knew that organizing was the best way for me to help people. I have always wanted a career that will help people every day.

I decided the way for me to be the best organizer that I can is to learn as much as possible on the subject. With the training, I am more effective at my job and can more readily assist my clients with what they are looking for. The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals is a wonderful community to be a member of. I am a Professional Member of the National Association and a member of the NAPO-New England chapter. I am always expanding my knowledge and resources. You never stop learning.

I know that for me the biggest reminder is to keep moving forward. If the day has not gone exactly how you planned, you can do more tomorrow. All you have to do is keep moving forward. (This will be a recurring theme in my posts because it really is the mantra that I live by.) I have learned to live my life with a few key phrases. It has truly helped me to stick with my goals and intentions. I will be showing you more of these in future posts.

Thank you for reading this and understanding more about my journey as a Professional Organizer. I look forward to sharing more of this with you. Please contact me with any questions.

Keep Moving Forward!







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