“Having Lissa come to help you prepare for a move is fabulous. But if you really want to see organization and space maximization at its finest, have her manage your move. This past October, I decided that I would do a self-move from Worcester to Auburn. A week before my move, I screwed up my knee badly and lost so much time, and could barely go up and downstairs. Lissa came to my rescue. Not only did she do an amazing job of organizing me as I was packing, but on the day of the move, she was a dynamo.

Every square inch of the truck was maximized. Every box that needed to go got on that truck and then some. The men who carried the heavy stuff were in awe of her ability to figure out what had to go in first and where to put everything to ensure that no damage took place. She saved me so much money in terms of hours that I was paying for the truck and labor that it more than covered her.

I had also had her to my new place and do an assessment of what furniture I could take and where it would go. I was going from 900 square feet down to around 700 square feet. And she was absolutely right about placement for flow and usage. I’ve been in the place now for a little more than a month and the plan she provided has been perfect. My new little house is my sanctuary and a lot of the credit goes to Lissa.” – e.l.

Working with Lissa has been transformational! I had been living amidst still packed moving boxes having consolidated both an office and bigger apartment into a small townhome. I’m disabled, and when I had my first conversation with Lissa I mentioned my struggles with unpacking/and setting up my new home and in-home office, notably difficulty accessing items that are too low or too high. Several months later, I’m still surprised at how well Lissa always keeps my accessibility in mind as she suggests solutions or means to rearrange my storage or my office set-up to best account for my needs and ensure I can make the most of my space. 

Given my circumstances which limit my working side-by-side with her, Lissa has done an amazing job of efficiently completing tasks while saving items for resolution/that I need to address in more time-limited reviews throughout our session. This has been especially valuable for the piles of paperwork I needed to process – it has allowed me to make top-level decisions without having to dwell on each item and thus things are processed so much more efficiently! I also especially appreciate how at the end of every session Lissa makes sure the space she’s been working in is usable even if the work isn’t yet complete. 

Lissa always brings a burst of positive energy into my home, and any space is transformed after she’s worked her magic. She has a multitude of creative ideas to help someone make best use of their space, and she implements them efficiently and meticulously and adjusts things until they’re just right. Anybody would be lucky to work with Lissa in any organizing project!  
– p.k.

The progress that we’ve made in the house is just extraordinary to me every day. I’m spending a fraction of the time I used to, to keep the house far more tidy than before. It seemed like chores were never ending, I was always surrounded by piles and unfinished tasks and shuffling things from one place to another. Having a sense of control, and peaceful surroundings, is so physically and mentally liberating.
– r.j.

Lissa has helped me with multiple projects! After a kitchen renovation and a newborn baby, Lissa was instrumental in getting my new kitchen organized and my dining room ready for hosting Easter dinner! Most recently she helped with my third floor guest room clean out and set up. We have more projects in the works and I can’t wait to tackle them with her expertise and motivation! – s.h.

I started doing Swedish Death Cleaning over a year ago. My house has been torn apart since then. I got rid of some stuff, but became completely overwhelmed. Enter Lissa, and in two days, two rooms are beaten into submission. She helped me make decisions, showed me new ways of organizing that I never had thought about, and removed everything that went to donations (and it was dozens of huge bags of things and books). I can’t wait to have her back in June and July to help me finish the rest of my apartment. So worth the investment. – e.l.

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