My Goals As An Organizer For You.

What is my main goal as an organizer. That is the entire point of this post. I have only a few primary goals working and blogging as a professional organizer. This won’t be the longest post, but it will let you know what my objective is. Okay, just a warning, things will get silly now. Not might. They will. Fair warning given.


I want you to be HAPPY! When you read this blog, or when you work with me directly, I want to make you happy. I have had a lot of dark times in my life, so I EMBRACE the joy where I can find it. I don’t want you to walk away feeling worn down, that doesn’t help. I am hoping to lift you up, get you energized to make changes, and keep you going. In my life, I have found that the best way for me to keep myself motivated is to have a goal no matter the size, stick to it, and be silly. If I am not having fun, or at least enjoying the atmosphere of what I am doing, I don’t feel motivated to do it.

That is important. You need to kind of like it, or like the goal of it. The atmosphere around you will keep you going. Now the time has come for a story! I recently helped my father move in to a new home that he purchased. It is really the perfect house for him, but it needs some love. Washing walls and scraping paint is not one of my favorite activities. Helping my Dad, and making his life happier is one of my favorite things to do. I love to help people. So I was there with family, scraping paint, washing walls and floors, and painting. I had music on, and my family is usually joking about something, so that was what I enjoyed. The atmosphere and the goal kept me going. He is all moved in now, and I feel wonderful for being able to help him. I want you to enjoy the atmosphere, even if you don’t love the task. I want you to reach your goals which will bring us to…


PROGRESS! People say that practice makes perfect, but with my job, I think progress makes perfect. Now you may be saying to yourself, “Is that a real sentence?” and you are right to, but honestly, I look at it as progress being the goal. Progress does not happen without effort and consistency. Some of that comes with practice, true, but I think that seeing your smaller goals make a larger impact in your life is more important than practice in this instance.

You may think, well isn’t ‘practice‘ somewhat synonymous with ‘progress‘. Yes, that is also true. I use the word progress, because of the want to convey that it’s not just about making the habit, it’s about seeing the change.  Every little bit of progress will help you to see the larger picture. This is especially true when smack dab in the middle of a project, and the whole room looks like a mini tornado touched down, progress is what will help you to see what you have already accomplished. When you start seeing that chaos come to order, it’s relieving. You have the ability to take a deeper breath because of the accomplishment. You need to practice habits to help keep up the work that you have done but, you need to see progress being made before the habits can be changed. Hence that phrase. Let’s just try to go with. I will update if I come up with something more clever.


I want to share my knowledge with you. I want you to look at our time together, and feel more prepared to accomplish your goals. You don’t need to know everything but I want to help you be as prepared as you can. If I don’t share how I am helping you organize, how can you maintain it? How will you be able to pass this knowledge onto your own family members so they can help you? People will not know how to help you if you don’t tell them. This is something I have certainly learned myself. When I have gotten frustrated in the past, I have asked myself, “Did I tell everyone what it was for?” If the answer is no, then it is not for someone else to know. The other people in my house do not have telepathy. They cannot understand my logic unless I help them. Any way that you phrase that question if the answer isn’t yes, it’s time to take a minute and reconsider. Sharing knowledge is an important part if my job and I want to give you the tools to accomplish some of these things without me in the future. I want you to develop the confidence to maintain all the work that we put in together.

I hope that in reading this short post, I have helped you to understand the best ways that I can help and what I would like you to get out of it. Well, other than a more organized home. Every experience we have together should help you feel not only more prepared, but also more trusting in your own skills.

Just remember…

Keep Moving Forward.




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